A downloadable game

WHERE'S the TEXT?! is a submission for the Erstel game jam.


In an alternate reality where  beings can only talk through text, an evil genius monster took it all from them by creating a text disruptor!

Your mission: Defet the evil monster.

But can you make it out alive through his killer creations and... himself!?


WASD - Movement

Space - Jump

Shift - Dash (Use W,A,S to control dash direction)

LMB - Shoot

Please note:

Altough the game jam lasted a month, this game was created in roughly 4-5 days.

I did not have much time to test the game so there are probably some bugs waiting to be found. 

Credits: Stefan Nikolich

Hope you enjoy playing Where's the TEXT?!

If you can give any feedback, it would help me a ton to get better as a game dev :)



Wheres theText.rar 427 MB