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WHERE'S the TEXT?! is a submission for the Erstel game jam.


In an alternate reality where  beings can only talk through text, an evil genius monster took it all from them by creating a text disruptor!

Your mission: Defet the evil monster.

But can you make it out alive through his killer creations and... himself!?


WASD - Movement

Space - Jump

Shift - Dash (Use W,A,S to control dash direction)

LMB - Shoot

Please note:

Altough the game jam lasted a month, this game was created in roughly 4-5 days.

I did not have much time to test the game so there are probably some bugs waiting to be found. 

*One of the known bugs can be not being able to shoot -to fix it, just double tap LMB.

Updates after the jam:

1. Removed lighting error message that appeared on the top left corner screen.

2. Changed some levels textures.

3. Boss made harder.

4. Bug fix (Sometimes not being able to shoot is hopefully fixed now).

5. Some intro scene adjustments.

Credits: Stefan Nikolich

Hope you enjoy playing Where's the TEXT?!

If you can give any feedback, it would help me a ton to get better as a game dev :)



Wheres theText.rar 427 MB