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You are controlling a robot named Ortho, which is created by an unknown scientist to save humankind and in the way your friends from the giant rogue star, that’s about to destroy our solar system! How are you going to do that?


A lost star is a 2.5d side scroller shooter game, made in 4 sleepless days for the Virtus game jam. The gameplay revolves around trying to escape from a giant rogue star that's destroying our whole solar system,while trying to evade and destroy (with your robo laser shooting eyes) space junk in your way. Are you fast enough and think you can outrun the giant star? We’ll see about that.


A - Move left

D - Move right

R - Restart level

Space - Jump (On hold - hover)

Mouse - Aim

LMB - Shoot

ESC/P - Pause game

About the creator:

My name is Stefan Nikolich I work on a solo project called Begone 2.0 and have made 2 game jam games with a team, Pink Vader and Cult of the goldfish.

For this jam I worked all alone, almost everything in the game is made by me except the basic shapes floating around,planets textures and music which is made by Loyalty Freak Music & UltraCat. The music is 100% royalty free from both artists.

And yes the game was made in 4 days, currently I am in a mandatory service which leaves me with no time for game development... But luckily i’ve got a 7 days vacation with 3 of them not knowing about the jam, so I was left with only 4 days for the jam :D

I've enjoyed every last second of those 4 days and wish I could have continued the rest of the game jam days.

 Hope you enjoy playing A Lost Star!

If you can give any feedback, it would help me a ton to get better as a game dev :)



A Lost Star 64Bits.zip 167 MB
A Lost Star 32Bits.zip 141 MB

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