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Pink Vader - a 3D puzzle game made in 11 days with the theme "Psychic Powers"

After crash landing on the mysterious, life-inhabited planet of Earth, Pinky the alien realized that he could use his teleportation and telekinetic abilities to enslave the human race. There's just one problem... all of these aggressive earth-plants that like to eat humans!
To protect his new human flock from the aggressive earth flora, use Pinky's psychic abilities to eliminate the plants! Pinky can't directly harm the plants, but he can move them around with telekenisis. And there seem to be plenty of traps in the area, perhaps he can use them against his enemies...


WASD - Movement

Spacebar - Jump

Lshift - Run

P/Esc - Pause game

T - Enable teleport -Press LMB to teleport 

F - Enable pick up entities -Press LMB to pick/place the entity


Donny - SFX & Music
Nadav - Programmer
Stefan - Programmer
TboneTy - 3D artist and level designer


Pink Vader version 2.0 383 MB
Pink Vader 383 MB

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